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Rise and Shine
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"Even after the worst storms, 
   the sun will rise and shine again"

K. Sheary


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Individual Psychotherapy

Adults and Adolescents


 Walk & Talk Therapy

Adults and Adolescents


Play Therapy
  • Individual child aged 3-7 years

  • Intensive Play Therapy during crisis

  • Play Therapy for adults

  • Parent-Child Attachment Therapy



Children's Counselling

Children from 8 - 13 years

Fragile Pampas

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Group Work

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Group Work

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Parent Consultation &  Parenting Support

Mobile/Outreach service

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Rise and Shine Counselling & Children's Play Therapy Wodonga

is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for 

First Nations Peoples, CALD and LGBTIQA communities. 

Rise and Shine understands, values, and welcomes cultural, religious, sexual and gender diversity. ​


Diana Rebuffo

Diana Rebuffo

 I have a Masters in Social Work, Bachelor in Human Services, post-graduate Advanced Certificate in Clinical Play Therapy and credentialed in other psychotherapy approaches. 

I began counselling at CentaCare Wodonga in January 2012.

Later in that same year I was approached to work at Junction Support Services, Wodonga. There I worked as a Family Violence and Homelessness Counsellor.  I transitioned to adult counselling in late 2019.  That role was funded by the Australian Childhood Foundation providing group work and  specialist Adult Family Violence Counselling.


I specialize in family violence counselling for all ages.

Please do not hesitate to make contact.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed. 

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It's important to me that clients experience a relationship that's engaging, compassionate, warm, and responsive. My intention in every session is to provide clients with a safe, confidential space where we can explore what clients want and need. I will listen carefully and compassionately without making assumptions or passing judgement so that I can work alongside clients to create change and heighten insight. 


Clients tell me they appreciate my informal approach.  I want clients to leave counselling feeling enabled and empowered to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. Clients will get a better understanding of themselves and their situation, unpick complex issues, gain coping skills and practical strategies to manage their life better. I assist clients to come up with their own solutions, so they can carry on without me!


I am one of the most experienced Child Centred Play Therapists in Wodonga.  

I thoroughly enjoy and excel in working  with parents and their young children from as little as 3 years of age. 

I  utilises a person-centr

I'm also certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Solutions Focused Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. (EMDR).  All highly effective, evidence based talk therapies available at Rise and Shine. 


For teenagers and adults who prefer less Q&A style talk therapies, there is the option of being supported through the powerful yet gentle approaches of Mindfulness, Sandplay Therapy,  Expressive Therapies, Guided Drawing, as well as the highly-sought after EMDR.

My Approach & Modalities

My role is to work with you 

to make positive changes

that suit you.

Each one of us has a need to be deeply heard. To be listened to in a space that is empathic, accepting and without judgment can be a life changing experience.

Counseling is a beautiful door that opens up the opportunity for you to get to know who you really are, to learn your truth, to find who you are meant to be, to create loving connections with self and others, to discover where you want to go and how to get going.
Let's start this journey... together.

" Trauma creates change you don't choose.         
Healing creates change you choose"

M. Rosenthal