Counselling Approaches

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ACT, CBT, DBT Talk Therapies
Children's Play Therapy
Sandplay Therapy
Expressive Therapies
Person Centred Therapy
EMDR Therapy

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)? with Timothy Gordon



Which TYPE of therapy is right for me? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton





What is EMDR therapy? with Dr Maxine King - Harley Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing


EMDR Therapy Changing Lives, Including a Scientist-Therapist's Own

EMDR Therapy: Understanding Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing




PLAY THERAPY WORKS! with Association for Play Therapy USA

PLAY THERAPY - WHAT IS IT? with Aideen McCartney

​Overview of Play Therapy with Dr. Nick Corett

Play is the Child’s language: Play Therapy  with Joanne Wicks


Why Play Therapy is Appropriate for Children with Symptoms of PTSD:

Child's Play: How Play Therapy Works

Therapeutic Intervention for Children Through Play

About Play Therapy

The Healing Power of Sandplay (Shrink Rap) with Dr. Freedle, pediatric neuropsychologist with Dr. Freedle

What is Sandplay Therapy? with Dori Pelz-Sherman, PhD and Sanplay Therapists of America


Sandplay Therapy with Psychology in Seattle

Sandplay Therapy - A Brief Overview with Dr. Barbara Turner, Ph.D


Sandplay Therapy: A Safe, Creative Space for Trauma Recovery. Mark Pearson1 & Helen Wilson2


The evolution of sandplay therapy applications. Mark Pearson, Helen Wilson

Sandplay Therapy

“Even adults need to play”: Sandplay therapy with an adult survivor of childhood abuse.

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The Use of Sandplay Therapy in Urban Elementary Schools as a Crisis Response to the World Trade Center Attacks Christine J. Yeh University of San Francisco, Sara M. Aslan Violeta E. MendozaChristine J. Yeh Mio Tsukamoto

What is SOMATIC EXPERIENCING in Trauma Therapy? | Kati Morton 7 Dr Alexa Altman

Does Somatic Experiencing (SE) Work? SE practices for healing with  Monica LeSage

What is Bioenergetic Therapy?Julie Simons, LCSW

Bioenergetic stress relief - Shaking and Grounding with Deepika Sheleff


Bioenergetic Stress Relief Tip 2 - Grounding with Deepika Sheleff,

Using Expressive Counselling Tools to Enhance Emotional Literacy, Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience: Improving Therapeutic Outcomes with Expressive Therapies

Expressive Therapies History, Theory, and Practice. CATHY A. MALCHIODI

How to Draw Your Feelings + Painting Emotions / Easy Art Therapy Activity Demo for Beginners with



Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy - Guided Drawing 2 with Cornelia Elbrecht


5 Mandalas in 9 Minuten with Ulrike Hirsch

Breath -- five minutes can change your life with Stacey Schuerman

What is Mindfulness? And How Does it Help Decrease Anxiety?Julia Kristina MA Psyc


Train Your Brain: Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety, Depression, ADD and PTSD  with Daniel Goleman


Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Therapy – Anxiety Resolution with Music and Imagery Association Australia

Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction with Belleruth Naparstek


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