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Rise and Shine Counselling & Play Therapy Wodonga is located next to natural bush land. The dirt track is slightly undulating and at some points rises gradually. The expansiveness and natural beauty of the terrain will help to open the mind and bring about peacefulness. 


Walking side by side one another can make the process of counselling feel a more natural interaction, making it easier to talk about difficult emotions or experiences. It is a comforting alternative for those who may not feel comfortable sitting, or sitting face-to-face in a confined space. For clients with attention-deficit disorders who have trouble sitting still, this modality is ideal. 


Walk and Talk sessions are conducted in exactly the same way as in-office psychotherapy sessions. The only difference is we will be walking outdoors at your pace. I follow your pace, both in the flow of therapy and the pace of walking. It is not intended to be ‘exercise’ and your fitness level is not important, what is most important is that you feel heard, and we have nice weather!

Confidentiality is an important part of the therapy process, so it's entirely up to you if you're comfortable with the possibility of being seen by somebody you know, although the nearby bush track is mainly accessed by neighborhood locals. The nearby community path is accessed by many more people. We can talk more about it together so that you can make the best possible choice for yourself.


Together we meet at start of the appointment and briefly discuss goals for the session and the desired outcome. Walking side by side, we'll discuss what comes to mind for you that day in the context of your overall goals.  At times we might take a few moments to stand in silent reflection, deep breathe, sit in guided visualization or practice Mindfulness.

Perhaps an ideal format for people working indoors all day, tertiary students, new mums with bubs in prams or people also wishing to exercise their furbabies. 

Walk and Talk Therapy can provide many benefits:

  • Being in nature can be meditative, grounding and inspiring

  • Walking in nature helps our nervous systems to unwind

  • Exposure to natural light and fresh air combined with light excercise increases mood benefits

  • Helps to release emotion, reduce stress hormones, and energize

  • Walking in nature enhances problem solving ability and creative thinking

  • Helps improve sleep, lower blood pressure, strengthen heart and other muscles and bones

  • Walking promotes a better sleep cycle, improves circulation

  • Walking stimulates both sides of the brain (bilateral stimulation) to promote emotional health

  • Walking may encourage and promote you engaging in additional walks on your own

The kinds of issues Walk and Talk Therapy is appropriate for:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress management

  • work/life balane

  • trauma

  • body image

  • self esteem 

  • resilience

  • solitude/loneliness

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Mindfulness Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy

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