Counselling for children in Wodonga
Counselling for children in Wodonga

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Children's Counselling Wodonga
Children's Counselling Wodonga

Counselling for children and adolescents in Wodonga

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Counselling for children in Wodonga
Counselling for children in Wodonga

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Children's Counselling
8 to 13 years of age
Children's Play Therapy Vs Children's Counselling

Similar to Children's Play Therapy, Children's Counselling is also experiential, interactive, innovative, and engaging.

Children's Counselling incorporates additional principles from key theories and therapeutic models to provide older children with a more developmentally appropriate and effective counselling experience.

Where Children's Play Therapy is all-play and non-directive (child-centred), Children's Counselling takes a multi-dimensional approach. Whilst there will be elements of art, craft, bioenergetics, and play there is greater emphasis on talking where anyone of the following approaches will be intergrated into the fun-(and safe) based session :-

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), DBT (Dialetical Behavioural Therapy), Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused or Narrative Therapies interventions. 


With children I work around areas of developmental change, puberty, growing up, developing a secure sense of identity and working with family and other significant relationships. I often focus on building resilience and self-esteem as a way of tackling not only issues young people are currently facing, but also enabling them to manage tough times in the future.

Sandplay Therapy and Expressive Therapies are helpful for children with delayed language or feeling shy or nervous about talking. and younger adolescents with lots of energy or dysregulated states will be sincerely acknowledged and validated for their activated nervous systems and what their behaviours are trying to communicate. Their needs will be accommodated. They will be encouraged to move, and soothing, regulating alternative movements will be suggested. 

Depending on the needs of the young person and the goal for counselling, across the span of the therapeutic care sessions will typically include:-

  • pscyho education

  • bibliotherapy

  • work sheets

  • journaling

  • role plays

  • Mindfulness

  • Guided meditation 

  • Breathing exercises

  • Progressive muscle exercises

Given the developmental maturity of this older cohort of children, sessions may include elements of :-

  • Expressive Therapies

  • Sandplay Therapy

  • Sensorimotor Guided Drawing

  • EMDR 

some bibliography resources
creative, colourful worksheets
worry monsters activities
Body Scans
chalk - great for rubbing and smearing out emotions
Kids love making volcanos
bubble blowing/ self regulating excercises
developing problem solve and self reflection skills
A picture tells a thousand words